MANNOL Energy 5W-30


  • SAE 5W-30

    • API SN/CH-4
    • ACEA A3/B4
    • VOLKSWAGEN 502 00
    • VOLKSWAGEN 505 00
    • VOLKSWAGEN 503 01
    • VOLKSWAGEN 501 01
    • MB 229.3
    • MB 229.5
    • BMW LL-98
    • RENAULT RN0710
    • RENAULT RN0700
    • FORD WSS-M2C913-B

    Innovative universal premium ester-containing engine oil for modern gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbocharging. Designed based on the requirements of European car manufacturers.

Item Description

Product properties:
– Ester technology and a synthetic base with an optimal range of viscous-temperature properties ensures efficient operation of the engine in all operating modes (during cold start, in urban mode, in track mode) and in conditions of frequent temperature change patterns;
– Synthetic ester-containing base combined with a modern additive package preserves engine power parameters throughout the entire interval between replacements;
– The ester oil components provide excellent anti-wear and anti-friction properties due to the exceptional strength of the oil film, which, combined with excellent pumpability, significantly increases engine life even in “start-stop” driving modes and during cold start;
– Saves fuel due to low HTHS viscosity and optimal anti-friction properties;
– Due to the high thermo-oxidative stability, it effectively resists aging;
– Due to its excellent washing and dispersing properties and the highest thermal oxidative stability, it effectively fights against all types of deposits and keeps engine parts clean throughout the entire interval between replacements.

Designed for gasoline and diesel engines of a wide fleet of cars (cars, light utility vehicles, vans and light trucks) of European and other manufacturers.
Recommended for use in engines of Daimler and VW vehicles with additional requirements for engine oils (according to the above specifications).
The oil is not suitable for use in heavy trucks and similar vehicles!

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